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Lots of updates over the past week - let us know if they help!

just tried the portal again, with the-java console open

While it worked this time, the java-console gave a few seemingly non-fatal errors involving sw.js

found portal, would like an end-screen.

Cool!  What do you mean by an end-screen?  Can you be more specific for us?

after going through the portal only a black screen was the result.

Really?!  I'm going to have to check that out!  There's suppose to be a line effect with  credits that fade to black over the course of a couple of minutes...  My apologies if there's a bug there.

Just tried it again, and there were full credits before fading to black.  I am really sorry that it didn't do that for you...  Not sure how easy it would be to debug this issue, but I'll do what I can!